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The WIMEX group

Sustainable growth as a corporate challenge

WIMEX Agrarprodukte Import & Export GmbH is a medium-sized, agricultural family-enterprise. Since 1985 we have been growing constantly while production and market conditions kept changing.
Our long-term, strategic actions and quick responses to market events are possible because:

  • we have a dynamic team,
  • decades of experience,
  • a simple organizational structure and
  • we collaborate with reliable partners.

Here at WIMEX we connect the different branches of production in order to create a wholesome supply-chain. It is our goal to make every part of our work sustainable and resource-conserving.

  • In our agricultural department we produce high quality-materials for poultry feed.
  • We use chicken manure from our barns to generate energy.
  • We supply fields with our own farm fertilizer.

The different sectors provide us with innovations, which we use and develop further, in order to conserve resources and produce highest quality goods.
This is defined by our family tradition: Working sustainably today for the good of future generations.

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