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Development of services

Aside from the collection of expertise and improvements to our catalogue, we also pay special attention to the development of our so-called ‘Services’.
In the coming years, there will be much development when it comes to systems that help with crucial decisions. This means using climatic or soil- and plant-specific data in order to describe the variations that have an influence on crop-growth and –performance. This information is collected for each phase of the vegetation so that we can decide on the perfect treatment. Via notifications the program helps us diagnose issues in real-time which is the basis for decisions concerning the crop-management.
Another area of expertise of our IT-Service is remote sensing, where a wide range of different methods is used in order to collect the various types of information we need about an agricultural area. The information is evaluated through automated data processing, so that it helps perform tasks such as treating the soil, fertilizing it or determining the biodiversity in a more efficient and precise way.
We calculate different needs of the plant, such as water or minerals and also the current yield, by using models that show the crop-growth and which have been developed in cooperation with researchers. In order to make those models we employ the companies own climate-scheme. This climate-scheme is based on general information, derived from exact information, which allow for an overall forecast of climate data.
Our team in IT also works in the field of sensory technology. It is a way to analyze data very accurately and give account of minor variations at a certain site. This technology counts with sensors for the humidity of the soil, analysis of climate and weather and also multispectral monitoring for plants and soil. Finally by means of geostatistics a location can be defined according to all these parameters.
We offer our customers technology that is easy to use and not manufacturer-specific. The farmers receive management-advice through web based systems, that help them make crucial decisions about farming-methods. Modern applications and devices such as tablets and smartphones facilitate the use of different data for information-guided agriculture. The trend is toward cloud-computing and web-communities.
The technology and resources that are used for this modern way of generating information and making it available, increase the efficiency of the whole WIMEX-group.

This is the way toward information-guided agriculture!