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Fruits & Vegetables



The cultivation of our fresh vegetables is not the only task for which our location is perfect. Distributing them is also quite easy because of the good connection to major routes such as the B6n, the A14 and the A9. We deliver fresh and frozen products easily to any market or retailer in all parts of Germany.
Using modern technology also means that we use only vehicles that comply with the Euro 5 or Euro 6 emission standards. Each refrigerated trailer is equipped with a temperature recorder, thus ensuring uninterrupted refrigeration for the products during the whole distribution process. We do not only commission and deliver our vegetables, but also offer this service for other producers located in Arensdorf.

We commission and distribute our produce in storage facilities with up to seven different temperature-zones. Our response to customers’ needs is quick and flexible because of our 24/7-availability on 365 days of the year. Deliveries are carried out by our own trucks, selected partner-companies and other shipping companies as required.

In the center of Saxony-Anhalt and throughout the whole nation!