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Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetable Farming

In our Bördegarten ( we harvest fresh vegetables every day – and we get them to you, no matter where you are

Crop rotation is not only an important issue in agriculture, we also stick to a strict plan in vegetable farming. That way we only use minimal amounts of fertilizers and plant protection-products. We also stick to an exact farming-schedule, so that the healthy, fresh and crisp vegetables get to your house just in time.
Throughout the season we put in new seeds every day and therefore are able to harvest fresh produce every day. That way we can assure all customers and consumers of the top quality of our vegetables. Great vegetables are our passion and it shows. Ultimately the high quality of our vegetables is what ensures a healthy life in the long run and it helps all vegetable-fans enjoy absolutely healthy veggies.
Our fruits and vegetables reach consumers in the local area, throughout the whole region and even beyond the region that we work in. You yourself can check it out in the shops of the Fruchthof Wulfen ( or in our fields while you harvest your own strawberries and apples. Starting from this location we also supply products for the restaurant industry. Via BördeLand ( and the distributor of Bördegarten ( the vegetables reach even your favorite store.