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Agriculture, meat industry and food retail industry commit to the initiative called “Tierwohl” which takes special care of the animals and of the animal welfare. The poultry breeders work on a voluntary basis toward a level of welfare for the animals that goes even further than the legal requirements. The food retail industry made a commitment to reward the involvement financially. Hatcheries, animal transport and farms for parent animals are included in the system by the QS-certificate.  
Our company is part of this program and has reached the highest QS-status at every location.

You can see that a poultry-business has a close-knit system for their quality-management if they have the IKB KIP certificate. This system includes the whole production chain which begins with the breeding, continues through veterinary monitoring, slaughtering and deboning. The Dutch poultry industry is where this system originates from and now, with its high standards and international recognition, it if part of our quality management.

Our veterinary practice received a certificate according to the Codex of Veterinary best Practices in order to keep the high quality standards of our veterinary monitoring. The laboratory is also accredited after the ISO 17025 norm.

The international GMP+ Certificate does not only define conditions relating to production facilities of feed but also for storage, transport, staff, procedures and documentation. GMP means “Good Manufacturing Practices” and defines conditions that ensure feed safety and sustainability and guarantees the conduction of independent audits by certification bodies. We have been accredited this seal for many years now, for our feed mills as well as for our logistics department.