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Poultry husbandry

Poultry husbandry

Our main location is in Saxony-Anhalt and therefore in the center of Europe. It offers perfect conditions for poultry husbandry such as the infrastructure that is perfect for medium sized animal farms. There are also sufficient agricultural areas for feed-production and a good proximity to markets and well-trained professionals. These positive location factors ensure the competitiveness of our company and therefore its future.
Here at WIMEX we keep three generations of chickens: the so-called grandparent flocks, the parent flocks and the broiler chickens. The genetic strains of the grandparent flocks are especially valuable. They have exceptional breeding qualities and pass them on to the next generation. In the parent generation these qualities are passed on to as many chicks as possible, which are then placed on broiler farms. The eggs from each generation are hatched in company hatcheries.
In the hatcheries we ensure perfect conditions for eggs, chicks and recently hatched chicks. With enough heat, water and feed they can develop steadily and healthily. Modern systems have a positive effect on the chicks’ digestion: With perfect conditions the intestinal villi grow sturdier, which ensures a healthy life.

We will keep being innovative!

These are the four ingredients for a successful implementation of our quality standards:

  • All the members of our poultry-team are outstanding professionals with much awareness for the well-being of our birds.
  • Our team gets support from competent veterinaries in their daily routine.
  • The high technological standards of our chicken houses ensure a perfect climate all the time.
  • he most part of our feed is produced in company-owned feed-mills and with the use of our own grain. That way we know what happens with the feed at each step of the production, starting in the fields and right until feeding time. Each type of chicken receives a feed that has been made to the specific requirements.

Poultry is a complex topic and on many occasions the consumers questions remain unanswered. This lack is covered by the Deutsches Geflügel GmbH (German Poultry GmbH). They offer a lot of information about modern poultry husbandry and on their homepage you can ask all the questions that have remained unanswered. This link will lead you to the website:(Link to